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Our Pacific Horizon bedroom furniture is constructed with the finest craftsmanship and quality features available in rattan and wicker. The polyester stain finishes are applied in two coats, and then sealed with polyurethane clearcoat. The styles represent high fashion found in better furniture stores.

Pacific Horizon Rattan and Wicker Bedroom Groups
rattan wicker bedrooms aruba
The Aruba
Rattan & Wicker Bedroom
rattan wicker bedrooms barbados stain
The Barbados Stain
Rattan & Wicker Bedroom
rattan wicker bedrooms barbados
The Barbados
Rattan & Wicker Bedroom
bedrooms st. maarten
The St. Maarten
rattan wicker bedrooms valencia
The Valencia
Rattan & Wicker Bedroom

rattan wicker bedrooms belair
The Belair
Rattan & Wicker Bedroom
rattan wicker bedrooms marquesas
The Marquesas
Rattan & Wicker Bedroom
rattan wicker bedrooms antigua
The Antigua
Rattan & Wicker Bedroom


Please note the following shipping regulations on bedroom furniture.
Due to exceptional shipping damages on individual headboards, we cannot ship a headboard by itself. All headboards must be shipped with at least one large piece of bedroom furniture. A nightstand is not sufficiently large enough to avoid damage to the headboard.

We apologize, but unfortunately we cannot make any exceptions to this rule.

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