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Wicker Furniture & Rattan Furniture

Rattan & Wicker

Rattan & Wicker
Gulf Breeze Collection

Enduring basic styles that have been popular for many years, plus styles that are fresh and new. Sofa and loveseat sleepers. All items are commercial grade quality,indoor use, and pricing affordable for the individual.

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Wicker & Rattan

Wicker & Rattan
Ocean View Collection 

For all of your pool, patio, balcony or other outdoor uses, this is our best value offering. All of the groups are made of the highest grade resin and the frames are powder coated aluminum. $1500 minimum purchase on this collection only.

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Wicker & Rattan

Wicker & Rattan 
Pacific Horizon Collection

This is our highest grade design and fashion offering. Extensive selections in a variety of groups for outdoor use, limited exposure use, and indoor use natural wicker and rattan products.

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wicker furniture bedrooms

Wicker Furniture Bedroom Sets

Rattan & wicker dressers, chests, night stands, mirrors, headboards, bedroom desks, home office furniture, wall units & accessories.

 Wicker and rattan furniture is available in three distinctive collections from all over the world. Ranging from the most basic enduring styles to the highest fashion and designer statements, these collections offer commercial quality in every category. Eye appeal is the basic difference between the collections, with fashion and styling enhancements and the amount of detail and refinement incorporated into the furniture accounting for the difference in cost. The quality and strength of the materials and construction of all collections is comparable.

About Our Wicker and Rattan Furniture

We select the wicker furniture and rattan furniture that we sell very carefully with commercial applications and test ratings in mind. We wish to offer our customers the very best and most trouble free products available, and our track record shows that we have accomplished this goal. The products we sell are almost trouble free, and we strive to improve on that every day. Commercial wicker and rattan furnishings from Sunset Trading Company are ideal for condominiums, resorts, country clubs, hotels and motels, restaurants, pools, aquatic centers, and any other hospitality application. We offer a broad selection of products suitable for: living room, dining room, bedroom, foyer, lobby, patio, garden, balcony, and pool requirements. With the many choices available in our various collections, our customers are able to find most of their wicker and rattan needs for inside and outside usage at a distributor price that is affordable.

Wicker Furniture

Wicker originally referred to products that were made from reed, cane, rush, willow or other natural materials. When wet, these materials are pliable enough to be woven and shaped into furniture. Natural wicker and natural rattan can be stained or painted depending on the type of look one wishes to obtain. In today's marketplace special sealants are used on these materials thus making them satisfactory for inside use or limited outside exposure.

Rattan Furniture

Rattan is a vine that grows primarily in the tropical forests of the Far East and Pacific Basin. Growing hundreds of feet in length, it is one of nature's strongest materials. It does not splinter or break easily and is ideal for making furniture and other related objects. Once molded and shaped, rattan retains its contours permanently. Originally used inside for the most part, today's sealants, if properly applied, are satisfactory for limited outside exposure.

Vinyl, Resin, and Polyurethane Synthetics Wicker and Rattan

Vinyl, Resin and Polyurethane synthetics are often used today in the production of wicker and rattan products. These materials have evolved and been improved in quality enough to be as tough or tougher than the natural products they replace. The wicker or rattan made from these synthetic products can be used inside or outside. Inside, the furniture can be as rich and stylish as any natural product, and outside it can endure the effects of weather and sunlight remarkably well. Most of the framework on this type of furniture is made from aluminum, and is weather resistant when used outdoors. It works well indoors also. PLEASE NOTE: There are many grades of synthetic materials. It behooves the consumer to research the market, and place their trust in a company that supplies a quality product produced with quality materials. This is especially true for commercial usage.

Woven Loom Wicker

Woven Loom Wicker is a paper pulp that is shaped into strands like natural wicker. These strands are dried and treated with special sealants, and then woven into wicker furniture. This product is a natural paper product, can be painted just like natural wicker and is recommended for inside or limited exposure outside. The frames on this type of furniture are usually made from aluminum.


Peel is the outer skin of the rattan pole and traditionally has been used to wrap joints on natural wicker and rattan furniture. In today's market and especially on most all of the better wicker and rattan products, leather is used instead of peel on the natural wicker and rattan products. On the synthetic products, synthetic materials are used instead of peel or leather.

Limited Exposure Wicker and Rattan Furniture

Limited Exposure is furniture that can be used outside, but should be shielded from direct exposure to the sun or other weather elements. It is recommended that it be used under a roof or balcony covering.


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